Costs EHC

The yearly license fee differs depending on whether you are seen as a small, medium or large country.

  Small Medium Large
Level B only € 200 € 300 € 400
Level C only € 200 € 300 € 400
Level B+C Package € 300 € 500 € 700

This yearly fee has to be paid by all national social partners together and transferred in time into the bank account of the EHC in Denmark.

ACCOUNT NO. 5301-0250744

IBAN NO. DK1953010000250744



Small, medium or large country?


Small Medium Large
Bulgaria Austria  France
Cyprus Belgium Germany
Czech Republic Denmark  Italy
Estonia Netherlands United Kingdom
Finland Norway  
Greece  Portugal  
Hungary Spain  
Ireland Sweden  
Latvia Switzerland  



How to join

What should I do?

The most important thing to do is to visit this website Here you can find the necessary documents for receiving the license for distributing the European certificate.


Download the documents on the website.

You will find them in english, deutsch, italian and french.


Fill in the documents

To facilitate your country’s participation in this project, we ask you, as national social partner, to fill in the documents. The documents need to be signed by national social partners which are either a member of Coiffure EU (employers) or Uni Hair & Beauty (employees)

As a social partner, you confirm with your signature that the contents listed in the documents are taught and examined in your country. You may send the duly completed documents to the following this email address. After receipt and verifying of the signed documents, you will receive confirmation and the invoice for the license to issue certificates.


Set up an electronic database in your country

To be able to verify who has met the European training standards and received the EHC, Coiffure EU and Uni Hair & Beauty request that an electronic database be set up in your country.


Who can join

Social partners, member of Coiffure EU and/or Uni Hair & Beauty, can receive a license for introducing the European Hairdressing Certificate in their country. You are only a few steps away from receiving this license and then you can join Europe’s best hairdressers. This website will show you how simple it can be! Start to read the Step-by-step.


EHC European Hairdressing Certificate - Vermundsgade 1 - DK-2100 Copenhagen - Phone +45 3583 1880 - Send email